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22 Oct Ep 1 BizTakeouts Full Episode

29 MIN
Karen Bosman: Wesgro; Mark Molenaar: Kantar; Bronwyn Williams, Flux Trends; Nico Olls, Mentospot on #AGOA, #CX, #UBI and #PAYE BizTakeout 1: What you must know about AGOA the African Growth & Opportunity Act Karen Bosman:Strategic Research and Public Affairs Officer, Wesgro In conversation with Rutendo Nyamuda, on the implications of the African Growth and Opportunity Act ( AGOA ) for South Africa and the African continent, opportunities opened up by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.( AfCFTA) and the role of the media…>> BizTakeout 2: What you must know about CX in the banking sector Mark Molenaar: Director Customer Experience, Kantar In conversation with Rutendo Nyamuda, customercentric insights to drive business growth, a must for decision makers in the banking sector…>> BizTakeout 3: What you must know about Universal Basic Income UBI Bronwyn Williams: Future Finance Specialist, Flux Trends The utopian dream of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and if it could indeed be a reality for South Africa in the future. It’s an alternative type of welfare where everyone in the country would get a living wage paid to them for merely being a citizen…>> BizTakeout 4: What you must know about employee tax rights in SA Nico Olls: Managing Director, Mentospot Speaking to Rutentdo Nyamuda about the must do’s and don’ts of company tax compliance and employee rights…>>